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Organic Pedicure


This service is a combination of herbs and collagen relaxes, improves circulation, detoxifies and soothes your skin. This treatment lasts about 1 hour.
• Apply an unscented gel base, herbs and essential oils on the client
• Clip, trim, shape your toe nails. Apply scar tissue remove to clean heels Wash feet and legs then apply sea salt and massage
• Rinse with warm water, apply collagen mask evenly on feet and shins. It will rejuvenate the skin by deeply moisturizing and boosting collagen production, ultimately reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
• Collagen cream contains the most important building blocks of elasticity and has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes softness for younger, radiant and healthier skin. Paraffin wax and hot stone massage while feet absorbing
• Hot towel
• Clean the nail surface with alcohol, cotton wool soaked in water, polish if desired


• Put a few drops of essential oils in the tub and let guests soak their feet. Mix unscented gel together base, herb, sugar, essential oil. Apply exfoliating gel mix onto client’s feet, legs, exfoliate, leave toes, heels and bottoms in contact with food.
• Clip, shape, file and cut the cuticle. Apply callus remover, clean your heels.
• Apply the mask over and massage while the feet are absorbing. Rinse the mask off with warm water. Apply the paraffin wax on feet, unscented oil on the lower legs
• Apply hot towers, clean the nail surface with an alcohol, soaked cotton ball, polish if desired


• Put the bomb in the water and it will start to bubble and frizz, soak feet
• Apply cuticle softener to help push back over hanging cuticles. Trim shape cut the nails. Apply callus removal to clean up your heels, buffer
• Apply sea salt scrub and massage
• Dead sea salt exfoliates all skin types from dry and aging to oil and sensitive. It removes dead skin cell for healthier skin & promote cell growth. Rinse with warm water and towels.
• Apply collagen mask evenly onto the foot and lower legs. It will rejuvenate the skin by deeply moisturizing and boost collagen production which eventually reduces fine line and wrinkle.
• Apply collagen cream and massage. Collagen cream contains the most important building blocks of elasticity and has the ability to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes soft skin for more youthful radiant and healthier look.
• Apply paraffin wax and hot stones massage while the feet are absorbing
• Hot towels, clean the nails and polish if desired.


• Soak, clip, shape, life and trim cuticle, buffer
• Apply the lotion then massage
• Hot towel
• Clean the nails, polish if desired (Organic products are not included in this service.)


Regular manicure | $25
Gel / Shellac manicure $38
Gel / Shellac French tips | $45
Regular manicure/pedicure | $60
Shellac pedicure | $50
Fingers color change | $12
Toes color change | $15
Finger shellac change | $28
Shellac take off without service | $10
Nails design | $8 & up

Dipping powder

Dip on real nails | $46
Dip with tips | $56
Dip ombre on real nails | $56
Dip ombre on tips | $66
Dip pink & white on real nails | $53
Dip pink & white on tips | $63


Gel X | $61

nails enhancement services

Regular (full set) | $51
Regular (fill) | $41
Pink & white (full set) | $61
Pink & white (fill) | $56
Pink (fill) | $46
Gel/Shellac (full set) | $56
Gel / Shellac (fill) | $46
Color powder (full set) | $61
Color powder (fill) | $51
Ombre (full set) | $66
Ombre (fill) | $56
Ombre (fill pink only) | $51
Hard gel/ sculpture gel (full set) | $61
Hard gel/ sculpture gel (fill) | $51

Charge for extra services

Special shape | $5 & up
Long nails | $5 & up
Manicure with full set | $10
Nail repair | $5 & up


Upper lip | $10
Eyebrow / Chin | $15
Arms (half/full) | $25 & up/$40 & up
Legs (half/full) | $40 & up/$65 & up
Underarm | $20 & up
Chest | $45 & up
Bikini | $25 & up
Full face | $55
Full back | $65 & up
Brazilian | $60 & up

Extra services

Callus removal | $7
Paraffin wax | $9
French tips | $7
Add shellac on toes | $15
Sea salt | $7

Kid services

under 10 years old

Nails polish change | $10
Toes polish change | $12
Regular manicure/pedicure | $45
Pedicure | $30